Being a small enterprise, G.M EUROCY INNOVATIONS LTD relies on trustworthy partnerships to undertake large-scale projects and provide its high quality services.

Our partners’ base involves:

  • Industrial partners

We offer to work in partnerships with other industrial partners from any sector (IT&T and beyond) in order to cover the multi-disciplinary needs of our clients in nowadays’ modern society. We work as full partners in pre-defined consortiums or as sub-contractors, depending on the needs of the project.

  • Partners from Academia

In G.M EUROCY INNOVATIONS LTD, we believe in the cooperation between industry and academia in order to achieve real innovation for our clients. Therefore, we create partnerships with several University and Research Institutes’ departments, working together in research initiatives or even in development projects.

  • Partners from Public Sector

Although the relationship with the public sector authorities  is on a buyer-seller basis, we still treat it as a partnership. The public sector purchases our services in order to address practical needs of citizens, therefore, it acts as an intermediary to the actual end-user of our services. In that sense, we cannot but consider the public authorities as valuable partners with which we deliver projects together.

We are open to new partnerships in delivering both commercial and research projects. Please, Contact us should you are interested in discussing any opportunities.