Research - Women presence in leading positions

Dear respondent, This questionnaire is designed to investigate the position of women in educational leadership in Cyprus. The aim of the questionnaire is to examine key issues about women who managed to climb the managerial ladder in education as well as any substantial barriers that prohibited them. Taking into consideration the above we can discover how women shape the environment in education. You are kindly asked to participate in this survey since its purpose is to collect data useful for the conduct of my research for my MA dissertation. Please note that your identity will be kept secret, your participation is voluntary and you can withdraw at any time. The collected data will be used only for this research and it will be strictly confidential. *

1. Gender *

2. Age *

3. Academic qualifications *

4. In education, you are employed in the: *

5. Education level: *

A. Please circle Yes or No *

1. Have you ever had a female headteacher?
2. Is your current headteacher female?
3. Are you a headteacher?
4. Do you think gender plays an important role in a headteacher’s leadership style?
5. Do women need to put extra effort if they want to become leaders?
6. Do they face barriers if they want to become leaders?
7. Are women effective when they lead?
8. Do women have equal chances to climb top leadership positions?
9. Do women go through tough judgement if they are leaders?

B. Please indicate what can be a challenge or barrier when a woman wants to climb the managerial ladder in schools. Put a (√) in the appropriate box according to the scale below. *

Strongly AgreeAgreeNeutralDisagreeStrongly disagree
1. Women are not interested in leadership positions.
2. No opportunities provided.
3. Women are considered weak.
4. There is discrimination.
5. Prevailing Perceptions of Gender and Leadership.
6. There are gender differences and leadership styles between female and male headteachers.
7. Lack of encouragement from other administrators to assume leadership roles.
8. Shortage of female administrators to serve as role models and as mentors.
9. A female headteacher must be better qualified than male candidates.
10. Lack of assurance that female headteachers can handle discipline problems, especially regarding older, male students.
11. Difficulty in balancing home and family responsibilities.
12. Relocation issues suggesting that women are reluctant to move.
13. Men are considered better for the position.

C. Put a (√) on Yes or No for the characteristics that you believe your headteacher possesses *

Team builder
Achieves progress
Likes to Set and Reach Goals
Able to compromise
Responsive to others' needs
Strong communicator
Active listener
High self-esteem

Write three qualities that you find essential for the headteacher. You can choose from the above characteristics or use your own. *

Write three qualities/ characteristics that a headteacher SHOULD NOT possess if she/he wants to lead successfully. You can explain why. *

D. Circle Yes or No. *

1. Do you believe that women headteachers possess the following characteristics due to their gender? empathy -sensitivity- supporting- compassion- patience -caregiver
2. Do you believe that a male teacher can possess the same characteristics?
3. A female headteacher should possess male characteristics in order to be efficient. (e.g. dominant, assertive, etc.)

E. On a scale from 1 to 10 number what you believe comes first as a barrier when female teachers want to acquire a leadership position. *

Lack of ConfidenceLack of MotivationFamily and Home ResponsibilitiesLack of Support, Encouragement, and CounsellingSocialization and Sex Role StereotypingWorking ConditionsFinances for Continuing TrainingSex Discrimination in Hiring and Promotion

Add any other reasons that you might consider as a barrier. *

F. Evaluate your headteacher’s leadership style by putting a tick in the appropriate box. *